The Sexual Imitation !!

The Sexual Imitation !!

The Sexual Imitation !!
In Transcendental Sexology,
There are 4 types of sexual attraction:
1- Physical,
2- Mental,
3- Emotional,
4- Animally
Physical attraction is a natural instinctual phenomenon.
It’s a blind impulse governed by the mechanical laws of nature.

Lack usually makes us vulnerable, and instinctively we attract relationships that will only fill the void of ignorance, fears, insecurities, illusions and fantasies.

They are karmic relationships, stemming from mistakes, and past debts.

When we begin to master our passionate instinct, we begin to change the way we think and feel, directly impacting our vibrational field,
thus we begin to attract more refined people, with transcendental purposes.

People who ring a spiritual union, who want to experience the super sexual mystical ecstasy.

People who want to walk the path of Liberation, of Intimate Self-Realization.

The fact is, in the same sexual energy that is instinctively ejaculated for carnal satisfaction, are the crystal, spiritual, electric, and creator atoms.

When the couple learns to transmute their sexual energies, naturally, they will heal, magnetize, magnetize the body, and their vibrations will gradually rise, impacting the way they think, feel and act.

There will come a time when a simple kiss will cause electric sparks…

The relationship becomes, a union between two electric poles, and the lights of consciousness, will ignite sensitivity, fire and love…

Unlike what happens in 100% of average couples, who lose strength over time.

A tantric couple will naturally magnetize, growing in love and consciousness, after the metaphysical coyote, the sensation does not dissipate, remaining an atmosphere of affection, tenderness and affection.

Transmutation is a natural process of psychic refinement.
Sexual attraction is gradually increasing,
the couple is developing telepathy, until the words are almost no longer necessary.

#What more can one be said??
It is that, without the chastity and sexual transmutation, the couple, will only know 10% of the powerful sexual relationship, it will be the same as a blind, deaf and dumb person can know from the physical plane that he “lives”.
With all the certainty…
Inventory Peace!!

Signs of your spiritual connection to the universe

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The Sexual Imitation !!
The Sexual Imitation !!
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