The wounds of the twin flame

The wounds of the twin flame

The wounds of the twin flame:
You’ve probably already felt the twin flame ailments.
You often have body sensations and emotions that aren’t your own.
But are you sure about that?

When two twin flames recognize each other, an energetic bond awakens in matter and unites them here, in this 3D.
This has the “consequence” of linking them at all levels of consciousness that impact matter: the bodily, emotional, mental and spirit levels.
One’s wounds, therefore, will impact the other in the plan he must develop for himself..
We explain:
A hunter must develop his plans of emotional and intuitive consciousness (that of the soul).
The runner must develop their mental and body awareness plans.
Both have the same wounds but experienced in opposite and complementary aspects.
The mirror effect will be felt:
• When the stalker feels emotions, he will think they are not his own, but his twin flame’s. Yet he is indeed his, but awakened by the yin, by the bond of his flame.
• The runner will feel physical illnesses, illnesses related to his injuries, which he will not hear, of which he will have to put words, from the mind to move on. The Yang look brought on by the stalker.
It’s the same wounds that are waking up.
Each of the flames will think it is the other because they are feelings, emotions never experienced but it is not about self but plans of consciousness not developed by and by self…
The “work” then is to delve into your feelings for yourself, to realize that it is for yourself. Clearly “defines” mine.
Specifically, for the stalker, it’s about connecting with your emotions without seeking more understanding, but simply welcoming.. receive.
Then, for the runner, it is about taking words, actions, seeking a greater understanding of what he is experiencing within himself.
So when is the “work” (energy level) completed if the illnesses persist?.
In our view, it is always important to consider saving the other.
And if the wounds of the twin flame are not all the same in relation to one’s self.
If so, it’ll be the rest of the way, you probably know the term “onion layers”: you can never directly touch the “bottom of the problem.”
If not, resurrect your savior side. Unconsciously you can take for yourself the misfortune, the difficulty of your other that you don’t feel good.
Again it’s all about emotional dependence.
You cannot save or be saved by anyone, everyone has their own way of consciously doing everything they can and finally being there, without taking their own path for you, it’s really what you ask yourself as soul incarnate.
Without maintaining a savior/victim position for the flame to return, maintain the bond.
Just being out there self employed
In “all” cases, it is important to return to yourself and dive into yourself without judging, denying yourself, but simply accepting, recognizing and loving you

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The wounds of the twin flame
The wounds of the twin flame
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