Twin Flame

When you meet someone and you recognise him in his voice, his eyes and he feels like home and many other synchronicities … thats what we might call a twin flame… he reminds us of our true self which we see.. in him.
He feels like home which reminds us to find home within us. Twin flame or not. The other person is always a mirror of our self : of our healed version or of our pain body. however it is a fact: we are part of the same soul family and god organised your divine encounter. In your awakening journey he sends you helpers which is the purpose of gods will: To remind each other of our true essence and to guide us and lead us to our true self therefor to him . GOD. Eternity.
Who else can remember you: where you come from and where you belong to if not somebody of your (soul) family.
But maybe we start stressing and obsessing over the fact that this person must be THE ONE. as it is truly a unique connection, more then blood line family. Which should teach us de-tachment and connection with our self.
When we have found HOME within
we found our self
we found THE ONE
and the one will find us
when we are at home.
Nathalie j.
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