Twin Flame Telepathic Love Making| How To Do It

Twin Flame Telepathic Love Making| How To Do It

Twin Flame Telepathic Love Making: What Is It & How To Do It

It used to be that everyone dreamed of finding their one true soul mate, but recently, twin flame love has taken center stage.

This form of love is supposed to be powerful, spiritual, and all-consuming.

Given the intensity of twin flame relationships, some people have taken an interest in exploring telepathic intimacy in this type of relationship.

Below, learn all about twin flames telepathy love making.

What is twin flame telepathic love making? 

Before diving into the specifics of making love through telepathy, it’s important to understand what twin flame telepathic love making is. This type of love making occurs in twin flame relationships, which happen between two people who feel as if they mirror each other and are meant to be together for life.

Because twin flames share such a deep and unique bond, they are thought to be capable of having a telepathic love connection. When it comes to twin flames telepathy love making, people in a twin flame relationship can engage in sexual intimacy while being apart due to traveling, living separately, or being temporarily separated.

This is because people who share a twin flame connection belong to the same energy source and can transcend physical reality to arouse each other sexually while physically apart.

At its essence, twin flame telepathy love making occurs when you can sexually feel your twin flame’s presence, even when you are not physically together.

Examples of this twin soul love making include suddenly feeling pleasure, even when away from your partner, or feeling a strong sense of arousal with no warning. You may even reach a climax without any physical stimulation.

How does twin flame telepathic love making happen?

Telepathic intimacy between twin flames happens when two people have such a strong spiritual connection that distance doesn’t stop them from sexually connecting.

One partner may begin by imagining what they want the other to feel, and that person can then feel their partner’s physical touch from afar.

Twin flames telepathy love making can also happen when one partner thinks about the other.

They may think about sexually stimulating their partner or connecting intimately with them, and because of the strong connection, which transcends physical limitations, the other partner can feel the sensations.

Finally, twin flame telepathic love making can occur because twin flames come from the same soul, split into two.

They can always feel each other, even when apart.

Twin flame telepathy symptoms 

So, how do you know that you have a telepathic love connection? Look for some of the signs below, which suggest that you and your significant other have a twin flame bond:

1- There is intense chemistry between the two of you.

2- You feel as if you are entirely fulfilled in your relationship, and nothing is missing.

3- When you met your significant other, your life seemed to be turned entirely upside down.

4- You and your significant other have similar background stories.

5- The two of you met under unusual or unexpected circumstances.

6- There was an instant connection between you and your partner when you met.

7- You desire to be near your partner at all costs.

8- You and your significant other are inseparable or have difficulty being apart.

9- Sometimes, you feel overwhelmed with how complete you feel around your partner.

10- There was a feeling of love at first sight when you met your significant other.

11- It feels natural to be around your partner, even if you have only known them for a short time.

12- The two of you deeply understand each other and “get” each other in ways that no one else does.

13- You developed a stronger sense of purpose when your partner came into your life.

The signs above suggest that you might have found your twin flame and that the two of you might be capable of twin flame telepathic arousal.

Twin Flame Telepathic Love Making| How To Do It
Twin Flame Telepathic Love Making| How To Do It

How to perform twin flame telepathy love making?

So, how do you perform twin flames telepathy love making?

The tips below can help you to achieve this state of true love telepathy.

1. Stay Calm 

If you want to be successful in connecting telepathically with your twin flame, you need to be in a calm, relaxed state of mind. If you are anxious or distracted, you may not be able to focus well enough to experience telepathic intimacy.

Choose a time when you are most relaxed, such as in the evening after a warm bath or first thing in the morning, to try to connect telepathically.

2. Visualize

Imagine how you would touch your partner if the two of you were together. The more detailed you can be with your visualization, the better your chance of delivering a twin flame telepathic touch to your partner.

Think about exactly how you would touch them.

Would you run your hand up and down their back?

Would you caress the inside of their thigh?

Whatever it is you would do, visualize doing that very thing.

3. Communicate directly with your partner

Sometimes it can be helpful to tell your partner that you’re visualizing telepathic intimacy

with them, especially if you are new to twin flames telepathy love making.

Tell your partner that you imagine being physically present with them and sexually arousing them with your touch. Chances are, they might be able to experience the physical sensations as if you were actually present.

Twin Flame Telepathic Love Making| How To Do It
Twin Flame Telepathic Love Making| How To Do It

Signs your twin flame is thinking of you sexually

It can be fun to perform twin flames telepathy love making, and one thing that makes this form of love making so fun is that you can begin to feel when your twin flame is thinking of you sexually.

So, how can you tell your twin flame is thinking of you sexually? Consider the signs below.

1. You feel as if they are touching you

If your twin flame is having sexual thoughts about you, you may feel the physical sensations in your body. Perhaps you feel the sensation of a light touch on your arm, or you feel as if someone is rubbing your neck.

2. Sexual dreams

If you are dreaming of making love with your partner, chances are that they might be thinking of you sexually.

Since the two of you are on the same wavelength, dreams may offer you an additional opportunity to engage in twin soul love making.

3. Intense physical sensations 

The telepathic love connection is so strong that you are likely to feel intense physical sensations when your twin flame thinks of you sexually. You might suddenly feel goosebumps on your body or experience the sensation of a shiver down your spine.

4. Hearing their voice 

Even when the two of you are apart, you may hear your twin flame’s voice, as if they are speaking to you softly in the room. This is one of the key signs your twin flame is thinking of you sexually.

5. Gut feelings

Sometimes you get a gut feeling that your twin flame is thinking of you sexually. If this is the case, go with your gut because it’s probably right! The twin flame bond is so strong that the two of you can communicate telepathically, and you will likely be able to sense when they are sexually thinking of you.

6. Positive energy 

Finally, when your twin flame has sexual fantasies about you, you might feel a sudden surge in positive energy. Without warning, you may feel warm and uplifted because your partner is trying to form a telepathic love connection at that moment.

When you notice signs that your twin flame is thinking of you sexually, it is a perfect time for telepathic intimacy. Once you experience these signs, it’s time to visualize being intimate with your partner.


People who have been in a twin flame relationship describe the connection with their partner as being unlike anything they have ever felt before. When they met their twin flame, there was an instant bond, as if the two of them had known each other forever. Because of this strong connection, many twin flames report that they can form a telepathic love connection.

While it’s scientifically impossible to prove that twin flame telepathy love making is real, many people who have found their twin flame insist that they have a telepathic connection. They also preach that they can experience twin flame telepathic arousal, even when miles apart.

If you’re in a twin flame relationship and have difficulty with intimacy, you may benefit from working with a relationship therapist. If you feel like you have met your twin flame but cannot achieve telepathic intimacy, it doesn’t mean that your relationship is wrong.

Sometimes, two people struggle with sexual intimacy, even in perfect relationships. In this case, you may benefit from working with a couple’s counselor to improve your twin soul love making and enhance the health of your relationship.


Telepathic sex between twin flames ! 

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