THE HOLY UNION | When the Masculinity meets the awakened Femininity

THE HOLY UNION | When the Masculinity meets the awakened Femininity

THE HOLY UNION | When the Masculinity meets the true awakened Femininity

When the Masculinity meets the true, awakened Femininity, it awakens new realizations in him and activates certain levels of consciousness that require his full attention.
Awakened, whole and conscious Feminine does not behave as if she is in need or desperation around the Masculinity.
This does not mean that she does not acknowledge her deep inner desire and the sacred demands for the masculine presence in her life.
She knows this better than any woman who has yet to open up to her full power and strengths.
The awakened woman knows that masculinity plays an essential role in her life journey and has the ability to open it in ways she cannot do herself.
In fact, she wants Masculinity from a hell deep place in her Soul.
But – this “desire” can be delayed for years – even decades – if it is not met with the kind of masculine presence and devotion it needs to serve its sacred feminine role.
When Masculinity meets conscious Feminine vibration, it immediately becomes aware of what is needed.
Masculine energy is deeply moved and feels the pull of the Soul strings of his lost, dry and forgotten heart.
She realizes that though it is easy to lose herself in the glorious sway of her body and the warmth of her sacred eyes, to stand beside her as a totem of the Divine Masculinity, she must rise in her own life.
Her spiritual energy will awaken his own.
She quickly finds out that it is not enough to be lazy to get what she wants and leave.
She recognizes that even if he gets into a relationship with her, her trust in him won’t deepen until he starts to show up for real in his own life – and starts to soar like a phoenix towards a Full Purpose.
Her awakened energy will not tolerate the spiritually dormant masculine tendencies for laziness, denial, avoiding, staying in comfort zones, procrastination, cowardice and excessive reliance on quick fixes and instant gratification.
Her sacred energy will pull him out of his coma and avoidance tactics, so that he feels on an internal level how powerful and transforming love for her can be.
He will also feel how loving her – and being the recipient of healing codes in her body – initiates the firing of neurons and electrical transmitters in his system, prompting him to realize how much he needs to evolve.
He’ll realize that he’s the greatest gift he’s ever met on his path.
Realize that you may never get another opportunity like this to gain support in becoming the best possible version of yourself. He’s aware that there is no other woman on the planet who could love him as much and ignite his energy centers in creating the Divine Purpose he’s always wanted to live, but has always been too scared to fully engage.
It is up to him to decide whether he is brave enough to take on the challenge of loving and standing beside the woman who has taken the place of the sacred Female warrior and the sacred chalice of love.
It’s really his decision in many ways, because while she decides whether she wants to see him again or let him into her world – she always does it based on the quality of truth, certainty, purpose, and willingness she receives from him.
When his Higher Self leads him to the Whole Woman, he must sit down and contemplate to realize that he has chosen this meeting – because a significant part of him is ready to rise to the Full Man.
That’s a big deal because he most likely didn’t have any role models in his life to emulate that evolved masculine energy.
He doesn’t have to be flawless, all-knowing, brilliant or handsome like a movie star.
She just needs to nurture that spark in her precious masculine heart that wants to be the best man she can be. He just has to be willing and humble enough to learn from the Feminine, listen to her answers to her actions, and realize that she is his Divine Calligraphy, showing him where he needs to go.
His Soul really just wants to declare this:
“I want to bathe in the sweet, holy glow of your eternal Light for the rest of my days, and remember daily what a gift you are to my Soul.”
I want you to be the Holy Drill in all the ways I self-sabotage, deny, limit and “pour” myself.
I wanna hear you trust me I want to show you that your trust is highly rated, and that I realize how your ability to trust me affects how deeply you can open your body and heart when we are together.
I want to enter bold new territories, risking rejection and even failure, so that your trust in me can soar like a bird in flight.
I realize that your sex drive toward me grows exponentially each time I take the risk to ascend to my Divine Masculine power and purpose.
I want to pioneer a new movement of conscious, evolving, willing and open men defying old paradigms and awakened enough to walk alongside women who are changing the world forever.
Most times I may not remember any of it and I may stumble, fall, break, and sometimes fail.
I just want to remember that my willingness to live in My Holy Truth and my willingness to do everything in my power to earn your trust is enough.
I just want to remember that if I close my heart to the first hint of truth that comes out of your mouth, your body language, your face, I will not win this game.
I just want to remember that you can’t be expected to “mother” me to be an adult (if I want to have a sexually vital and transforming love life).
I don’t want you to be my mother”.
We need manifestors for the people of Light to follow now because it is important for them to arise and realize their true value in the advancing New Age.
Awakened Women do not want to hurt men, criticize them, punish them or close their hearts and bodies to them. All women WANT men:
their unwavering tough presence, their solid actions, their warrior’s hearts, their dynamic, purpose-driven energy.
Many Men of Light are now choosing to cross paths with soul-incarnated women.
This happens because their own Soul recognizes that the time has come to ascend to the Purpose, and the desire to connect with the Sacred Feminine incarnate will ignite that Purpose.
A woman who is on the path of Light will not settle for any man no matter how much she missed the male presence. She has no desire or energy to save, mother, persuade or teach a man to love her.
However, the awakened woman carries more compassion, more unconditional love, more ability to support and nurture, more generosity, and more sexual power than any other.
There are unlimited, endless, eternally abundant rewards for every man brave enough to risk his heart and purpose in life for such a woman.
This is a time of emerging Divine Masculine, approaching the edge and committing to life from there, rising to support and protect the Sacred Feminine Mission of the Global Awakening.”

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THE HOLY UNION | When the Masculinity meets the true, awakened Femininity
THE HOLY UNION | When the Masculinity meets the true, awakened Femininity
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