13 things you need to know about twin flame sex part 3

13 things you need to know about twin flame sex part 3

13 things you need to know about twin flame sex
part 3
(+ tips to enhance twin flame sexual energy)

7) It will go beyond the touch
People who have experienced a connection like this often talk about being able to make love telepathically. Just thinking about this person will be followed by a phone call or a date.

Telepathy occurs when two people are very closely connected on a spiritual level. Considering that twin flame partners have such a strong unexplainable bond, communication occurs on a very subtle level.

You can be surprised by the result once you try it. When you direct your thoughts to the person you desire, the other person will feel the urge to get in touch with you.

It is like being able to call him with your thoughts. This is why it is so hypnotic.

It can go the other way around as well. If you suddenly feel intrusive, intensive thoughts about your twin don’t play hard to get – your other part of the soul is calling you If you want to explore other forms of sex with your twin, you can consider astral traveling. Even if you’ve never experienced anything like this before, exploring it will bring you benefits.

Astral traveling refers to the travels of the soul outside the body. Dreams are one form of it, but it is the simpler form.

People who have managed to perfect it can actually separate their soul from the body and see it from an outside perspective. When being with your twin flame is not possible, engaging in this type of spiritual connection can provide some relief.

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It can challenge you
One of the stages of the twin flame relationship is the crisis. During this period it can become difficult to satisfy your primal instincts which can pull to the surface the worst version of you.

It can feel like despair because at that moment it feels like reliving all the worst fears. You won’t believe that someone you want so much doesn’t want you back.

Even though this stage is very challenging, it is necessary for a reason – it will hit all your weak spots so can actually come out stronger.

Since your twin is your other half, it will reflect all your personal traits you don’t recognize in yourself. It is hard to assess ourselves objectively.

Your twin flame will come to put the mirror in front of you. This stage can burn and sting, but once you survive it, it will lead to the next stage.

On the other hand, your twin may be frightened by the intensity of your feelings and will try to run away. This period tends to be quite a challenge for both and you should get armed with patience.

Try to keep your composure as much as possible.

13 things you need to know about twin flame sex part 3
13 things you need to know about twin flame sex part 3

9) The chase can make you desperate
The relationships and the sex between twin flames are powerful and often unstable. This leads to many fights and reconciliations.

After the crisis, the need for physical contact is unexplainable. This is when the chase happens.

Depending on the situation in the relationship, you can chase or be chased. If you are a chaser, you will feel unstoppable energy and the desire to get together again with your twin flame.

When the person you want to be with so much doesn’t want to get back together, it can be very painful. However, it is important that you understand the position of the other person as well.

The term for the twin flame trying to escape is the runner. The reason for the runner to keep turning down the attention and all the attempts for reconciliation is in most situations fear.

The connection between twin flames can feel like it is out of this world. It is very powerful and some people are simply not ready for it.

If you notice that the person of your interest consistently turns to other people and tries to cool things down, try to understand them. If you feel ready and drawn, it doesn’t mean that the other person is ready to open up to these emotions.

It cannot last forever, but the process before the merge can feel like it. It is filled with fears, tears, vain attempts, even fights.

You can expect a full spectrum of emotions. This is the time when your intuition may become even stronger than ever before.

Open up to this experience, even though it is a huge challenge. However, it is a key step in the process and all the twin flames go through it.

The duration can vary and it depends on numerous factors. If you are lucky, it will be pretty
short, but even if it lasts longer try to learn from the experience and wait for the story to unfold.

Signs of your spiritual connection to the universe

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