The Ovaries Contain Life-Force Energy

The Ovaries Contain Life-Force Energy
The Ovaries Contain Life-Force Energy
As we have already learned, the Jing (principal energy) of a woman provides her with life-force energy, or Chi. This Chi is contained to a large extent in the ovaries.
The ovaries constantly produce sexual energy.
The Ovarian Breathing process you will learn here releases the energy produced by the ovaries and makes it possible to store this energy, which has a yang (active) quality, in your body.
The energy is milder after ovulation and before menstruation, as the properties of the energy change from yang to yin (passive).
During this part of the cycle, the energy is also at its highest stage of development for absorption and transformation.
Ovarian Breathing is the process by which the ovarian (sexual) energy is transformed into Chi.
If practiced every day,
Ovarian Breathing can conserve the life-force energy that otherwise would be lost through menstruation. As a result of this practice, many women notice a distinct shortening of the duration of their menstrual flow,
or a decrease in cramps or other problems associated with their periods. With continued practice menstruation may cease, because all of the sexual energy is being transformed into a higher life-force energy.
Under ordinary circumstances, menstruation can stop for a variety of reasons, such as poor diet, depression, emotional stress, childbirth, or menopause.
Since a functioning body draws its energy from every resource it has, a body requiring additional energy makes compensations to supply that energy where it is needed.
A nursing mother, for example, will not menstruate, because the energy is needed to produce milk.
Menstruation resumes only when nursing stops. Women athletes may cease menstruating when under strict training, because all the energy has been transferred into physical fitness.
Similarly, it should be noted that after menopause, many women lead very active, healthy lives and usually do
well in pursuing their careers, because their bodies now have the benefit of the energy formerly required to maintain their monthly cycles.
It is helpful to understand that menstruation is for the purpose of the next generation.
Energy not used for this purpose but conserved through Ovarian Breathing becomes part of the vital energy of the body, thereby prolonging youth and providing ample energy for transformation into a higher form of energy.
The transformed energy is a creative and healing energy that can raise a woman’s life-force potential and ultimately increase her spiritual energy.
Also, the cessation of menstruation can be reversed at any time and restored to normal flow after a few months of stopping the practice

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