Twin flames are under major pressure now | why?

Twin flames are under major pressure now | why?

Twin flames are under major pressure now | why?

To understand the story of the twin flames, you must understand the ancient stories of the dark forces whom work tirelessly to keep the two apart.

This is a critical time in the twin flame ascenscion.

One where when twin flames are being tried and tested on some of the most unthinkable trials.

Even those who have joined already, are being tested by the Draconians and annunakis who are abusing them in 4D and 3D worlds, to stop them from their soul mission.

Twin flames are on earth now to help anchor in the crystal cides from the crystal seed codex and the Christed soul/ Christ heart, that has long been lost and oppressed for thousands of years.

Yeshua and mary magdeline were one set of twin Flames who came to anchor in the codes, but many more are here now!

And as we are anchored in, the dark forces are trying to web us from every angle !!!

This is a timeline where those in the 12d and beyond crystal codes must hold very tightly to what you were shown in the private rooms when you were paired in your ceremonials.

Remember the halls of amenti.

Remember the things you were shown.

These dark ones, they are working to blind your vision, to bury your heart in Turmoil, to lower your frequency so you can’t connect in the higher worlds and to bully you until you are weak and give up.

Do NOT give up.

Trust in your heart, and the love that is there.

Follow the trail and allow yourself to be guided.

Do NOT fall for a false twin flames and stay stuck there.

It’s one of the many tricks they have up their sleeve to keep you from your destiny .

Follow the whispers in the wind.

They can’t touch you there.

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Twin flames are under major pressure now
Twin flames are under major pressure now
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