sexual energy cord and intimate relationship in future

sexual energy cord and intimate relationship in future
sexual energy cord and intimate relationship in future
This is what could be stopping you from having intimate relationship in future.
Many of us are needing to cut cords with past sexual partners/encounters this month.
help yourself grow and move forward.
Cutting Sexual Cords Meditation – Releasing ties from Ex partners: sexual trauma, abandonment, betrayal, healing sexual organs, balance pleasure body sacral chakra, receive love happiness, enjoy sex. You can find these on youtube for free.
Sexual unions are blending energies of masculine and feminine. Not cutting these cords could be stopping your Twin flame or soulmate union.
Most of the time, sexual partners have ties and cords that are unseen in our energy fields.
This includes kisses physical touch sexual intercourse wanted or unwanted, with or without consent.
Energy has no physical barrier. Even if you are not around with the person, it does not mean the energetic ties have been cut. We want to disconnect the sexual ties between the connection.
Let our sexual energies flow back to balance.
That’s why this is so important right now !
Sexual intercourse is one of the most vital and powerful life forces and forms of energy. It has the capacity to change the trajectory of life.
Sexual intercourse can cause a dynamic shift positive or negative in our lives depending on the kind of energy that we absorb.
It can transport us to sublime states of bliss, cast us into the darkest pits of anguish, wreak havoc or convert into creativity and healing.
When a man and a woman have sexual inter course, whether it’s during a one night, stand or within the context of a long term relationship, they are uniting mind, body, spirit and soul.
Their energies are intertwining to create powerful sexual energy cord.
This sexual energy cord creates long lasting soul ties that can become forever embedded within the mind, body and spirit and keep us attached to that individual AND every individual he or she has ever had sexual intercourse with if the cord is not and the energy is not cleansed.
A sexual energy cleanse is a great way to cut the sexual cords, cleanse your energy and purify your mind, body, spirit and soul!
It is one of the most important step you can take to reclaim your sexual self.
The concept of cleansing your sexual energy is the same as personal hygiene.
If you do not cleanse, your body will begin to collect residue.
It will become dirtier and dirtier as time goes on until eventually your body even becomes a breeding ground for disease and bacteria.
If you do not cleanse your sexual energy, your energy will be “dirtier” and will eventually be weighed down by the residue you have collected from the partners you have had over time.
This sexual energetical residue that is left behind from lovers, past and present, can drain your energy, block happiness, hinder success and create emotions that can cause confusion, depression and so much more.

How do I do a sexual cleanse???

There are two important steps to cleansing your sexual energy:

Cut the sexual energy cord and cleanse the sexual energy.

Step 1 Cutting the sexual energy cord

First, you must cut the sexual energy cord or cords! This requires intentional sexual abstinence.
This means abstaining from all sexual activities that arouse you and stir up your sexual energy.
This will allow you to completely focus on your sexual cleansing.
Engaging in any sexual activities during this time will be a distraction and will prevent you from completing your sexual cleansing journey.
If you want to have some fun with it, you may even want to have a Purge and cleansing party and invite your girl friends to participate.
Write down the names all the people you want to purge and cleanse from your sexual energy on a piece of paper and burn it.
Or consider writing the names on a balloon or paper lantern.
This symbolic burning or release will represent cutting the sexual energy cord.

Step 2 Cleansing the sexual energy

The dimensions of our sexuality are all equally important.
When one dimension is out of balance, chances are the other dimensions will be off as well.
Therefore, it is important to cleanse each dimension when you are doing a sexual cleanse.
Because our sexuality and sexual intercourse impact so many dimensions (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, social) of our lives, you may want to include activities that will cleanse each dimension of negative sexual energy.
Cleansing your emotional dimension.
You must completely rid yourself of the negative impacts of your past and current sexual partners.
Start by giving yourself permission to grieve the situation.
Face your emotions and feelings surrounding your sexual partners.
It’s important to come to terms with your emotions and feelings, even it’s not pleasant.
It is very necessary to cleanse toxic emotions and feelings. Our body holds memory.
Every cell in your body has a receptor for emotions.
This means that every tissue, organ, and muscle in your body is carrying emotions.
Holding on to negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs can manifest itself physically causing illness and disease.
Some activities that may help cleanse your emotions include:
journaling your feelings, talking with a therapist, become reacquainted with your best self, writing a “symbolic” letter to your sexual partners expressing your emotions, take a break from social media, discontinue any toxic relationships, etc.
Cleansing your mental dimension.
Our brain is our biggest sex organ! When you’re inundated with a lot of negative mental thoughts, especially about your Beloved, your sexual energy is thrown off. It’s more difficult to connect with your partner, harder to experience pleasure and enjoy the moment.
Additionally, focusing on goal-oriented sexual experiences is also counterproductive.
The more your focus your mind, the more barriers you create and the less your body responds the way you want it to.
Cleansing in the mental dimension helps to eliminate unhealthy negative or unproductive inner chatter that contributes to blocking your sexual energy.
It also helps to provide much needed clarity, enhance relationships, increase pleasure and the connection between mind and body. Some activities that may help include:
meditate, talk with a therapist, volunteer, find a new hobby, practice mindfulness, quiet the mind with intentional silence, try breathing exercises, listen to meditative music, take a break from social media, discontinue any toxic relationships, and Chakra opening exercises, etc.

Cleansing your spiritual dimension.

In many cultures, sex is actual considered one of the highest forms of spiritual connectivity.
When sexual energy is connected to our spiritual dimension it becomes infused with an ecstatic state of sacredness.
When we fail to consider the connection between our sexual energy and spirit we are more likely to to have negative or unhealthy sexual experiences which can be extremely damaging to our spirit;
causing shame, guilt, anxiety, depression, disease and so much more.
By cleansing your spiritual dimension, you release the negative and unhealthy sexual patterns, thoughts and behaviors through forgiveness and letting go of the labels, judgment, shame, guilt and emotional baggage around your sexual history.
If you’re carrying around sexual ‘baggage’ from your childhood, past relationships and/or traumas of what happened any time before this NOW, is the time to consider a sexual cleansing in your spiritual dimension.
Some activities within this dimension include: prayer, talking to God and a higher power, rededicating yourself to spiritual commitments, “honoring your temple” by abstaining from all behaviors, reciting daily affirmations and/or devotions, discontinuing any toxic relationships, and redefining the meaning of life, etc.

Cleansing your physical dimension.

Every physical space has energy and doing a physical space cleansing, especially in the physical spaces where you spend a lot of your time very important. It is important to cleanse both internal and external physical spaces. Your internal physical space includes your physical being/body.
Your external physical space includes your surrounding physical environment such as your home.
Energy is recorded in the walls, the floor, the ceiling, the furniture, objects and plants, it gets imprinted in the very fabric of the structure of your home. When your physical dimension is clutter with debris. literally and figuratively, your sexual energy is low.
You may feel, weighed down, tired, fatigued, depressed, etc. In addition, your sexual desire is low and you’re less likely to want to engage in sexual activity. Cleansing your physical space get rids of disease and unhealthy and negative energy, including people, and brings it into alignment with your intention(s).
Activities to cleanse your internal physical being include, maintain regular medical checkups, vaginal steam, exercise pelvic floor muscles, aerobic exercise, detox, minimizing time on social media, monitor your choice of television programs and being mindful of the type of music you listen to, cut back on energy draining foods, balance Chakras, etc. Activities to cleanse your external physical dimension include: sage smudging, utilizing principles of Feng Shui to balance energy, removing television and other devices from bedroom, burn energy infused oils and candles, let some sunlight and fresh air into your rooms, add some plants , be mindful of the types of energy you invite into your physical space, de-clutter your space, etc.

Cleansing your social dimension.

The old saying birds of a feather flock together does hold some merit. The people we chose to surround ourselves with will tend to have an impact negative and positive, on our lives.
It’s the basic law of attraction.
The energy we put out is what we will receive in return, therefore it is extremely important to surround yourself with positive people.
When we surround ourselves with unhealthy people, settings and/or situations, we’re less likely to protect our sexual energy.
Additionally, we’re more likely to engage in behaviors that put us at risk for sexually transmitted infections,
unintended pregnancies, sexual trauma, and other unintended consequences of our poor sexual choices.
Removing yourself from any person, settings and situations that may trigger sexual energy is a great way to start.
By abstaining from all sexual activities, settings and behaviors that trigger your sexual energy,
you are protecting your sexual energy setting yourself free from the sexual energy cord that has kept you tied to unhealthy sexual relationships and activities.
To cleanse your social dimension, consider trying some of the following activities:
disconnect from social media, clean up your “friends” list, surround yourself with more positive people, volunteer your time helping others, remove yourself from toxic settings, cut ties with unhealthy relationships, this includes family.