Developing the Physical Body

Developing the Physical Body
Developing the Physical Body
The novice in the Universal Tao system begins with a wide range of exercises to develop the physical body into an efficient and healthy organism, capable of living peacefully in the world, yet free of the tensions and stresses of ordinary daily life.
The aim of the first level of practice is to develop self-awareness of the physical body and its energy relationship with the environment and other people.
At this level one learns to heal oneself by sensing and directing the circulation of Chi within the meridian system of the body (the Microcosmic Orbit meditation).
The practice of loving self-awareness generates a positive energy condition in which greater respect and love for others radiates constantly without conscious effort.
The healthier the body is, the more Chi it can produce and transfer into spiritual energy.
By practicing in this life to transfer Chi into spiritual energy, we give birth to ourselves, raise our souls and spirits, and educate them.
The first level of Taoist practice is accomplished by utilizing the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation, Six Healing Sounds, Inner Smile, Fusion of the Five Elements, t’ai chi chi kung, Five Elements nutrition, and Iron Shirt chi kung.
As awareness of the physical body develops, increased levels of energy will become available as one learns to control and transform sexual energy through ovarian kung fu or seminal kung fu practices.