How is Twin Flame sex differen

How is Twin Flame sex differen

How is Twin Flame sex different from all other sexual experiences?

As Jeff and Shaleia have discovered, there are always deeper levels of understanding when it comes to Twin Flame sex.

It is much more than just and intimate relationship. It is actually THE MOST intimate relationship you could ever have. It is an Ascension tool which provides energetic healing.

We never get tired of talking about this because sex and Twin Flames are very much entwined. You might have heard us say that with your Twin Flame you can always go deeper and even though the sex could be triggering at first, once you are able to see it as part of your Ascension, it keeps getting better and better and better…. for eternity!

It’s a whole new level of love. It’s a whole new game.

In truth, Twin Flame sex is the only sex that exists, in Divine truth.

This is why everyone, at their core, is actually a virgin until they make love with their Twin Flame.

Bold statement, right? It is! But it is true.

Read our latest blog to learn more about this and everything you want to know about the Divinity oTwin Flame sex:

“When the Masculine meets the true, awakened Feminine

Twin Flame sex different
Twin Flame sex different
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