Sex between twin flames and polygamy !!

Sex between twin flames and polygamy !!
Sex between twin flames and polygamy !!
Many people have asked me if twin flames can practice polygamy or if they can have other relationships while ‘waiting’ for their twin.
I have no set answer for them as I believe everything we experience is meant to help us learn.
I can only say that for me personally I will remain celibate for the rest of my life before I would enter into a sexual union simply for the sake of physical loneliness.
Having experienced the power of the energy of a sacred union, anything less does not even interest me no matter how attractive or compelling the connection.
Many will not understand that or disagree, but due to my own personal experiences and research,
that is my answer to those that ask.
My advice is always do what your heart guides you to do and never-mind what anyone else says is ‘right or wrong’…
this meme does give a lot of truth in a few shorts words for those ready to explore deeper truths and do some research….

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beautifully shares her perspective below…

“The Lost Art of Falling in Love Before Sex

One of the blessings that I experienced in my partnership is that before we even met in person,
we were forced to get to know each other emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, as the moment we started talking I was days away from packing my bags to go to India for 3 months.
In the days of the “Tinder Generation” romance has been lost.
We swipe through profile to profile judging the people we see based solely on photos, and then since having “casual” sex
(I put it in quotations because sex is not casual to the body in any way)
has become normalized and even expected of us, we have been programmed to believe that having sex with people is almost a necessary requirement before we even consider them to be relationship material.

? What Is a Twin Flame ? and How Is It Different From a Soul Mate

Sex between twin flames and polygamy !!
Sex between twin flames and polygamy !!
To the body, there is no such thing as “casual” sex.
There is an emotional, spiritual, and physiological connection made the moment you engage with someone intimately.
Oxytocin is released after sex precisely because nature wants us to bond emotionally, so if the person is no longer around
(perhaps because they were a “one night stand”) after we engage with them sexually our body experiences a shock to it’s system which can often lead into all sorts of anxious/avoidant attachment patterns dancing with each other as one person runs and the other person chases the unavailable person.
Now, I don’t believe that we necessarily pick up the karma from every person we sleep with like some spiritual memes that go around describes.
I do believe though the moment we have sex with someone there is a spiritual bond that is created,
and if that relationship does not come to fruition,
or if that person ends up not being the best match, we experience a “breaking” of these cords which is painful to anyone who is present in their body.
Many people who do not feel this or suppress this feeling are likely out of body – and because we live in an out of body culture,
you will have many people who will claim that they can have casual sex without any of these consequences.
This is why I feel getting to know a person first
(so we can see if they are a match for us mentally, emotionally, spiritually) is the next task for us if we want to truly evolve human relationships.
In the past, our grandparents likely exhibited a more practical version of this “courtly” love and more likely chose their partners for physical security.
Now, is one of the first times that human beings in the west have evolved and progressed far enough that they truly marry entirely for love and not just for these practical reasons. Yet, because we live in a toxic relationship culture it is even harder to find love.
Get to know YOURSELF and get to know the other person before you engage a person sexually.
When you engage with someone sexually, you are allowing them to merge physically, emotionally, and spiritually with you.
Before engaging with someone sexually, it helps to ask yourself – do I know this person well enough to take on what they’re carrying – on all levels?
Is this person ready for that depth of intimacy? And even furthermore, am I ready to be connected with them that deeply?”
Laura Matsue

This is what could be stopping you from having intimate relationship in future

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صفحتنا الرسمية توأم الشعلة بالعربي

Sex between twin flames
Sex between twin flames and polygamy !!
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