!! My twin flame don’t want me in his life even platonically

 !! My twin flame don’t want me in his life even platonically

In my experience, when in separation when I reached my lowest point where I just didn’t think I could go on anymore and I felt I had no one to connect to, I reach out through my mind and I tell him I need him!

Not so much in those words but he usually contacts me within the next 12 hours if not right then.

His astrology says he’s highly psychic and that I’m uncomfortable with it, lol and that is entirely true. However as time has gone on it’s become more of a benefit that he can perceive my thoughts than a scary thing.

You just have to let go of your expectations of this journey , it will be unlike anything you’ve ever imagined! It’s not always fun and good.

A lot of it is emotionally devastating even & definitely triggering.

Not everyone is ready to deal with their past in order to begin the sense of healing u will embrace. In order to spiritually evolve, you will be driven to help others, and you must integrate the parts of yourself that you’ve previously rejected.

You have to go through this triggering phase over & over & endure the subsequent separations involved.

You have to trust in the universe that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to and that you’re right where you’re supposed to be at that exact moment.

Breathe.. everything is as it should be.

And I wish you the best of luck in france .

Is it normal for a twin flame to not want you in his life even platonically

Ypur twin flame is probably like mine.

He feels too in love with you to be just friends, but he doesn’t really want to be in love with you. The only thing he can do is push you away completely.

My twin flame doesn’t want to get hurt by being my friend.

I want a relationship.

I’m not wasting the rest of my life sitting around waiting for him so I’m dating.

I’m also too honest so I’m not gonna hide things from him.

It would hurt him too much to see me with other men even if he and I were just friend zoned.

He wouldn’t even like me having male friends. He’s the jealous type anyway.

I think that’s what did our last meeting in.

I tried to restart as a platonic friend because I thought he wanted that, but I mentioned another male friend. Later he went no contact.

It’s either all or nothing with him and he will never go in for giving me the all .



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Is it possible to get angry or be upset at your twin flame !!
Is it possible to get angry or be upset at your twin flame !!

Let’s put this in a normal human perspective, shall we?

I am turning 41 in a couple of days so I guess this is to say that – this is not my first rodeo.

All through out my life, I had my fair share of relationships – both serious and flings, nothing out of the ordinary.

Some good – healthy normal ones, some I have crushed and burned, to say the least. And some not worth mentioning.

I have been married for 16years with a soulmate who I really believed was going to be my last relationship til I die…my mindset was fixed like this, most of our lives together.

And then I met my twin flame.

We were colleagues since 2009. And yet my connection with him was revealed to me later on 2016.

I thought it was just a friendly work sort of an affair – to get me inspired you know, to get thru my mundane everyday at work.

Little did I know what I was in for – that it was a rabbit hole into my very soul awakening.

I have been nurturing our divine love since the moment of our reconnection back 2016.

It’s like a steady fire burning within me.

All thru the course of this journey, I have questioned my intentions, my purpose, mostly my sanity.

Even asked God so many times of its authenticity but ending up with the same conclusion – that we are indeed two flames of the same soul burning in different bodies.

The energy is too palpable to ignore, the attraction is beyond magnetic – it is a force of nature we both tried so hard to control. It was beyond me, beyond him, way beyond us.

The Universe was orchestrating every move, every sign and sync, every message, every dream, even eventual eye contact upon meeting. We had no choice but to just go with the program.

Even the hardest one yet – to say goodbye to the best relationship I have ever come close contact with – to finally let go and sever the already established tie on that faithful year of 2018.



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Is it normal for a twin flame to not want you in his life even platonically
Is it normal for a twin flame to not want you in his life even platonically
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