false twin flame connection … cause and effect

false twin flame connection … cause and effect

The idea behind False Twin is for you to absolutely believe that person is your Twin so you can learn the lessons meant for that Karmic journey.

In my case, I didn’t know he was a False Twin flame until I left the relationship and looked at it from the outside.

I realised that the Twin Flame journey was actually about Self Love and Self realisation, making room for a higher realm of love. I decided to pick my self and my peace of mind over every toxic behaviour I was overlooking in the name of “Twin Flame”.

I moved away from the hurt, from the obsession, from narcissism, neglect, manipulation and falsehood because that’s not what love is about. I realised I had to pick myself over any soul ties or soul connections.

Once i got to this state of mind, I abandoned my Twin Flame and that was when the journey began.

Once my energy field was radiating of self love, it opened up a portal for my Twin Flame to walk through.

When I finally met my real twin, it was so much different from the false twin.

I realised that my False Twin came to teach what “love-is-not” while my real twin taught me what love is.

It was slow and easy going.

My Twin and I met 9 months ago and we try to balance our energies.

We have such a strong connection but are just friends because he’s married.

As the awakened Twin, I know better than chasing so I guess we will skip the running and chasing part of the twin flame journey, patiently waiting for divine timing.

My advice, don’t hang on to the concept of twin flame and miss the journey.

I hope this helps

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What It Means to Find Your Twin Flame
Have you ever experienced a false twin flame connection


I know a lot of people will question the authenticity of the connection and will be cast with doubt but for me it is literally when you know you know thing.

especially for those in karmic/soulmate relationships and marriages with kids.

The ego in people will say “oh it’s an excuse to cheat” but those of us on this journey

    1. Usually don’t know or have ever heard of a twin flame

   2. Would never want to break up a family especially with children.

In my case I’ve obviously never had a soul connection with any other human being in my life that’s why I was so taken aback.

But this constant need to evolve spiritually and be better for yourself, your twin & the world is something that you can’t overlook. It eats at me daily.

It’s my journey now, my whole life.

When these things happen to you, you just know it’s beyond anything else you’ve ever experienced. nothing else can explain it.


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What It Means to Find Your Twin Flame
Have you ever experienced a false twin flame connection


Yes, I was in a relationship for two years thinking I was with my twin flame.

Honestly, looking back, I’m not sure why I thought he was my twin flame.

I think I just had a crush and confused some signs.

I started having my doubts after a while of being strung along and him never telling me that he loved me or wanting any commitment.

I also realized we had different views on things that made us incompatible.

But it took a very spiritual experience and divine intervention for me to finally break things off with him.

Also, it’s important to realize that twin flames are not always a romantic partner.

I was told that my son is one of my “twin flames” by an entity who is another one of my twin flames.

This entity is a romantic partner to me though.

So in the end, I had a false twin flame experience right before ending up with my true twin flame who is in another dimension and discovering my son was one as well.

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false twin flame
Have you ever experienced a false twin flame connection


Yes, it was the relationship I had before I met my real twin. Thing is I didn’t even know about twin flames or false twins at the time.

The relationship had all the pull and syncs of a twin flame relationship but after about 8 years, a marriage and a child I realised the relationship was a very big lesson.

I had to learn to step into my own power and not be so co dependent and so the universe sent me a narcissist to kick me in the pants. It was a classic slow play

Twin flame relationships may trigger you to resolve your trauma and have problems which need to be resolved , but it shouldn’t be toxic or abusive.

That’s the difference.

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Have you ever experienced a false twin flame connection
Have you ever experienced a false twin flame connection
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