Female Ejaculation

Female Ejaculation
Female Ejaculation
An ancient Taoist master discovered that a woman, when reaching a higher point of orgasm, had different responses that produced different “waters.”
Three different waters, or types of fluid, were found to exist.
The lubrication experienced during arousal is considered the first water, and the fluids emitted during a normal orgasm are the second water.
The third water-that of a female ejaculation, never experienced by many women-is released from the G-spot.
With or without G-spot stimulation,
there are women who experience this kind of ejaculation when they have an orgasm.
Female Ejaculation
Female Ejaculation
The ejaculation, which can be quite copious, produces fluid that is much like seminal fluid.
It is definitely not urine.
Many women who have experienced ejaculation report that they were dismayed and embarrassed, feeling certain that they had urinated.
They then learned to withhold this reaction.
Now that women’s ejaculation is known to occur, there will probably be much relief, relaxation, and increased pleasure among women who have this capacity.
As yet, no research has discovered where this fluid is made or stored.
Notes: as per my research nearly 70 percent of females had never experienced true orgasms in their whole life.
And almost 90% of females can’t experience multiple orgasms.
Those who were connected with spirituality can understand it and feel it better  it’s all about giving pleasure to ur female how much you give you got in return.
Man always have try to satisfy his concert

female ejaculation .. does it makes Orgasm

Female Ejaculation
Female Ejaculation
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