Higher Self Awareness !! The Power of Sex 

Higher Self Awareness !! The Power of Sex 

Higher Self Awareness !! The Power of Sex
Zero Tolerance to polygamy.
When a man enters your womb, what kind of awareness and energy does he have?
He’s bitter, he’s happy, he loves himself,
does he love you?
Is he a positive or negative thinker?

When a woman is making love to you, is she blessing you or cursing you? She’s frustrated, sad, she loves herself, does she love you?

Sex is a ritual of exchange of energies, thoughts, emotions.
During sex you become a sponge for that other person’s conscience and energy.
Every penetration and push is an affirmation.
Are your energy and strength being depleted or recharged, strengthened, or recharged your spirit.
Be aware of the true power of sex.
If you knew how powerful sex is… you wouldn’t have it with just anyone.
A Message to our Brothers who are living in the Lower Dark 3D Energies of the Matrix- and Still under Social Conditioning.
Respect the Divine Feminine.
Love and Protect the Divine Feminine!!

Dear Men..
In A Conscious Sacred Relationship with
Zero tolerance to Polyamory..


For those who take sex very lightly, I leave this information here.

Chakras regenerate every 7 years, so if you’ve been with a person even once, their energy will stay with you for 7 years. That is if you don’t clean them properly. Chakra Cleanse- Womb Cleanse.

When you have sex with someone, a whole energetic process begins.

Mainly the root chakras (Muladhara) of both, come together and from this intimacy the auras merge, merge to create a great auric energy around the two.
Through separation, it leaves an energetic and karmic imprint. The more relationships you have with a person, the deeper the connection.
That’s why sometimes you remember so much about your ex or who you became intimate with and you change your vibration and create energetic links that bring them together where they then continue to transmit energy on a subtle level.

In every relationship, some of the other person’s energy is acquired. If you have relationships with people who are mainly dense, unconscious, devoid of light and love, unstable, then you acquire the same thing … You change to a paradigm where nothing makes you happy even though you have many reasons to be.

If the other person did something that marked their karma, you acquire it and it can attract painful experiences.
On the contrary, if you are in a relationship with someone who is aware, full of light, full of love and who keeps their energy clean, a wonderful exchange of positive energy is generated for both people. Both grow in love and awareness.

The energy of love and sexuality is so great and magical that it vibrates so high that you reach an expanded state of consciousness.

That energy also remains in you and me as new light codes.

If you sleep with a person who currently already has a partner, you consequently acquire the energy of that person and the partner (and the partner’s partners).

There are no culprits, only unconscious people and consequences. You are your own boss, you can change when you decide.

Why do we attract people into our lives whose relationships with us are empty, painful and dense?

– First by vibration: we attract what we vibrate.
– Second for learning: the other person is a reflection of you, he will show you your shadows so you can recognize them and work on them.

– The third due to internal conflicts: You did not learn to love, you did not learn to Value …

Consequently, we relate to people of the same vibratory level. You can even become attached (“falling in love”) with someone like this, with the inability to love and value yourself until you end up using yourself.

For it vibrationally perceives your need for Love, but only reflects your relationship with yourself. Love yourself and you will love others and others will love you.
This is not an invitation to not have sex, on the contrary, you must make LOVE as often as you want! But before that, vibrate up, to attract a person with whom you can be stable and help you grow and not tear down the evolutionary work.

People who have VIBRATION know how to choose LOVE and LIGHT.
Never sleep with someone you don’t want to be with, don’t do it out of revenge or because you have to…”

anal sex .. why and how ? I  DO’S AND DONT’S OF ANAL SEX!!

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Higher Self Awareness !! The Power of Sex 
Higher Self Awareness !! The Power of Sex
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