anal sex .. why and how ? I  DO’S AND DONT’S OF ANAL SEX!!

anal sex .. why and how ? I  DO’S AND DONT’S OF ANAL SEX!!

anal sex .. why and how ? I  DO’S AND DONT’S OF ANAL SEX!!

anal sex positions

Feeling a little stuck in your current sex routine, or just want to explore some new sensations?

This list of the best sex positions for women includes everything from sex positions for clitoral stimulation and the best positions for using a vibrator to the anal sex positions for every level and the sex positions for two female partners.

(Regardless of which positions you try, also consider adding some aspects of tantricsex into your session to make it even more intimate.)
Take your pick,
and give a few of these best sex positions a whirl—but don’t be afraid to experiment even further to figure out exactly what works for you and your #partner.

Tantra Missionary:

Don’t write this off as basic:
Missionary might just be one of the best sex positions for women to have an orgasm.
“Missionary is classic for a reason,” says Finn of the tried-and-true position.
“General contact is really nice and deep, and you can talk, kiss, bite, and make eye contact.”
To get that clitoral stimulation, though, the person on the bottom should grind their pelvis against their partner.
“That will make the position feel even better,”
she says.

8 Things Guys Think During Anal Sex
anal sex .. why and how ? I  DO’S AND DONT’S OF ANAL SEX!!

anal sex .. why and how ? I

Do use protection
They may ride bareback in the movies, but did you know that the spread of STDs is more likely with anal penetration than vaginal?

That’s because the skin in and around the anus is thinner and more prone to little cuts and tears – which in turn allows infections into the body.
So do use protection when going in the backdoor.

Do build up to it
Hopefully you ‘warm your partner up’ with foreplay before vaginal sex;
you should do the same with anal sex and build up to the main event.
Try inserting a well-lubed fingertip or narrow sex toy into your partner, allowing the muscles to gradually relax and dilate before taking things up a notch and penetrating her with your penis.

Remember, you’re not trying to stretch the anal opening,
but allow it to expand slowly,
to accommodate more girth.

Don’t force it

Never hurry or force anal sex.
Strictly speaking, the anus was not designed for penetration, so things may be a little uncomfortable for your partner at first.

Let her call the shots on how hard, how deep and how fast your movements should be; and if she says stop, not matter how good it may feel, you need to stop immediately.
If you want anal sex more than once then you are going to need to take it slowly at first.

Don’t penetrate elsewhere afterward

In porn movies the girls love a bit of ATM action. But do not try this move on your real life girlfriend.
It’s gross and will totally obliterate your chances of ever having anal sex with her again – if it doesn’t end your relationship first.

In fact, you shouldn’t penetrate another part of her body (i.e. mouth or vagina) directly after anal insertion.
The butt contains bacteria that can cause infection or irritation if transferred to another part of the body;
so be sure to wash the penis thoroughly with soap and water before reinserting it elsewhere.

Be safe!
To minimize the risk of infection, be sure to clean your genitals before and after engaging in anal sex.

In addition, do not go from the anus to the vagina as this can lead to infection or complications.
Use a condom!
If you are engaging in anal sex, discard that condom and put on a new one before penetrating the vagina to minimize the risk of infection.

A tip:
There are many shared nerve endings between the walls of the vagina and the anus, so stimulating the vagina simultaneously can be extremely pleasurable.
If you feel comfortable, insert something (perhaps a finger or a vibrator) into your vagina while you are engaging in anal play.

Don’t feel pressure to engage in anal play!

And remember that if you try it and don’t like it, you don’t have to do it again.
Some people don’t choose to try anal sex and some just don’t enjoy anal stimulation once they have tried it—both are OK!

Everyone has different likes and dislikes.

Love it or hate it, you are not alone.

anal sex .. why and how ? I  DO'S AND DONT'S OF ANAL SEX!!
anal sex .. why and how ? I  DO’S AND DONT’S OF ANAL SEX!!

Don’t forget about STDs.
One of the most common mistakes couples can make in exploring anal sex is forgetting disease prevention.

Anal sex can be a great method for sharing skin and making intimate contact without worrying about pregnancy, but being careless about disease transmission is never an acceptable alternative to healthy sexual expression.

Just as with standard penis-in-vagina intercourse, you always need to use protection, such as a latex or polyurethane condom with either nonoxynol-9 in it to kill sperm and bacteria.
Or if you prefer, use a nonlubricated condom without the spermicidal ingredient.

(Whichever you choose,
it’s important to apply lubricant over the condom before you insert it.)
After #orgasm and ejaculation occurs, be sure to hold the base of the #condom to prevent slippage or spillage.

Don’t ever place the penis directly from inside your anus into another part of your body.
This means that if you decide that anal play is a form of pleasure that precedes oral or vaginal sex,
be sure to wash the penis carefully with warm soap and water before reinserting it.
The bacteria that live in the anal area can produce infection or irritation if they transfer to another part of your body, so pay extra attention to cleanliness.

In the end, don’t forget that most couples need practice when it comes to trying something new with their sexuality.
If things don’t work right the first time, don’t get discouraged. Keep trying.
Be patient and gentle with yourself and with your partner.
Take your time. And above all, enjoy the fun of exploring!

The 5 Most Stressful Things About Anal Sex, According to Guys

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anal sex .. why and how ? I  DO'S AND DONT'S OF ANAL SEX!!
anal sex .. why and how ? I  DO’S AND DONT’S OF ANAL SEX!!
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