Kundalini| What is it and how to awaken your energy

Kundalini| What is it and how to awaken your energy
Kundalini| What is it and how to awaken your energy
As we accumulate more knowledge about our spirituality, we understand that all bodies have energy centers. According to Hinduism, for example, these energy centers are called chakras, but there are other ways to interpret them.
The fact is, all bodies carry energy, and the more balanced it is, the better a person will feel. Otherwise, it can vibrate too much negative energy, which leads to physical and emotional health problems. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to this part of who we are.

Furthermore, we must also consider that there are other spiritual planes that we cannot see. If we direct our energies in the right way, we can access them and, in doing so, experience an awakening of consciousness itself.
One of the ways to reach this deeper and more revealing spiritual plane is from Kundalini. Next, you will understand how this concept relates to the energy present in our bodies and the ability to access higher knowledge.
What is Kundalini?
Kundalini is an energy that all people hold at the base of the spine, an area known as the coccyx. However, this energy remains dormant in our bodies until a higher level soul awakens it.
For this reason, the word “Kundalini” in Sanskrit means “coiled like a snake”.
Once the Kundalini is activated, it will have the power to traverse the six chakras that are above the energy center where it resides (the sacrum). This means that it will travel through the Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna and Sahasrara chakras.
In this trajectory, Kundalini energy balances the energy centers of a body, in addition to connecting with the divine primordial power, called Param Chaitanya. In this way, it will be possible to discover the existence of God in the unconscious itself, obtaining discipline and maturity in addition to spiritual enlightenment.
How to awaken Kundalini?
How to awaken Kundalini

How to awaken Kundalini?

Once you know the benefits of awakening Kundalini, such as chakra balancing and spiritual enlightenment, it is understandable that a person would want to perform this technique alone. But is this possible?
As stated earlier, only an evolved soul is capable of awakening Kundalini. So the first necessary point for this to occur is to develop one’s soul, connecting with one’s essence and opening up to spirituality.
For this to happen in the best possible way, and for the Kundalini energy to be activated, it is enough to carry out the practice called Kundalini Yoga. Also known as Consciousness Yoga, it is considered an ancient science for the expansion of consciousness, which stimulates the rise of Kundalini energy to the chakras above it.
That is, if you want to activate this powerful and different energy that is already within you, look for a professional who offers Kundalini Yoga and awaken your ability to connect with the universe, favoring the evolution of your soul!
The Benefits of Kundalini Energy
In case you are still in doubt whether you should really dedicate yourself to awakening your Kundalini energy, discover some of the benefits it offers for your mind and body!

1) Restoration of body harmony
By activating Kundalini energy, it is possible to promote harmony between the nervous and glandular systems. In this way, the chakras will be more easily aligned, bringing a feeling of well-being.
2) Strengthening of the musculature
Strengthening the musculature is another benefit provided by the release of Kundalini. This is because, in addition to the exercises suggested by the practice, a change in eating habits is recommended, favoring physical health.

3) Increased physical and psychic vitality
The increase in physical and psychic vitality is a consequence of the flow of Kundalini energy through the body. With it, a person is more aware of their own body and mind, having the ability to connect with their own essence.
4) Relaxation of body and mind
Relaxation of body and mind is possible through Kundalini energy because it brings us into a state of deep meditation. This way, we manage to detach ourselves from worries and problems, giving space only to lighting.
5) Feeling of ecstasy
The feeling of ecstasy that comes from awakening Kundalini energy is one of the best benefits of this process. The individual who performs this enters a state of expansion of their own consciousness and is able to perceive the subtlety of each part of the universe.
From all that has been presented about Kundalini, we understand that this form of energy that exists in all of us, when activated, can transform us. Take advantage of your day to find a place to perform Kundalini Yoga and feel better with the incredible benefits of this practice!

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Kundalini| What is it and how to awaken your energy
Kundalini| What is it and how to awaken your energy
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