3D or 5D Relationships? conscious relationships | emotional blackmail !!

3D or 5D Relationships? conscious relationships | emotional blackmail !!

3D or 5D Relationships? conscious relationships | emotional blackmail !!

 As long as people are stuck in the 3D paradigm they will not find True Lasting Happiness.
That’s how it’s supposed to be as per design.
The 3D matrix system sets forth that you always need the next thing in order to achieve happiness at some moment in time, in a future that does not exist.
You are now here. This is the only reality where you exist. If you go one step into the future with your thoughts you do not exist…
Within the psychologically controlled 3D matrix society women are raised to believe that their worth is measured by the age at which they get married and their age when they birth their first child.

Everything in the life of a matrix woman revolves around finding a man, getting that man to commit, by all means, no matter the cost.

Through this belief system, they are forced to develop a multitude of manipulative low vibrational methods to control a man, the flow of the relationship, and finally, get her partner to put a ring on her finger.
Here is where this process gets ugly: unfortunately, there’s a multitude of manipulations men and women alike tend to use in order to control their partner, and the relationship but the most commonly used is emotional blackmail.

What is emotional blackmail exactly?
It’s making a face when you don’t like something.
It’s taking heavy breaths and not saying anything when you don’t like something.
It’s giving someone the silent treatment when you don’t like something.
It’s getting out of the car, the house, the restaurant, etc, or leaving when you don’t like something.
A person who behaves like this will usually go home and then expects the other to call and ask questions like “what’s up or what happened or what did I do wrong?” This is expected in order to gain control over the partner, the situation, and the entire relationship. And if the partner won’t do this call they will think of something and call themselves after a few days to regain control.


And what is that “something” that triggers them to use emotional blackmail?
It can be anything that goes against their ego plans.
People have belief systems. “In order to prove to my friends and family that I have a great relationship my partner must act/respond/think/feel, etc like this or that…” That is the ego in full force.
Do you understand that this has nothing to do with love?

Do you understand that this has everything to do with co-dependency?
Do you see how this toxic abuse is about control and energetic vampirism and may other unhealthy behavioral patterns but the bottom line is that it’s all about the ego -not the heart.

Control between romantic partners starts with “why do you dress like this, why do you talk like that, you can’t do this in front of my parents, why do you hang out with these people…” and eventually develops into more controlling, invasive, and advanced toxic patterns.
When you take a shower and your partner comes into the bathroom three times to ask you random unimportant questions, that’s a red flag.
So, you can’t even take a shower in peace?
There’s no way of winning this, changing it, or getting over it. The only way to keep your sanity is out.
Usually, these people will put their needs first before yours but they will be skilled enough in manipulative behavioral habits to make it look like it’s all about you.
This is almost always unconscious behavior, they are not aware of it, not a bit. Talking about it will mostly lead to more drama and only in rare cases, there’s light at the end of this particular tunnel.
True love does not bother you when you take a shower.

True love comes from the heart.
The heart will not care about your choice of clothes but whether you’re happy with your appearance. The heart will not judge your language but will be empathetic and feel into your lingo to see where you’re coming from.
A person who operates from the heart will allow you plenty of freedom to evolve on your own rather than scheming on how to get you to commit as fast as possible to something that’s built on lies and control and will not have a future anyway. Manipulation and control are the opposite of love.

It’s fear, where there is fear love cannot exist.
Manipulative 3D people still have a long way to go.

So many chakras to heal, so many blockages and issues to address. Bless them and let them and they’re toxic relationship offer go.


Do this the moment you see the first few red flags appearing because from there it’s all downhill.
The sooner you recognize this pattern, the healthier you will get out of it.
The last thing we need right now is more pain and trauma to heal.

We’re in the midst of a world crisis and those who think their happiness is dependent on having a partner or a marriage or a child are still anchored deeply in the 3D matrix which is crumbling and dying in front of our very eyes.
Soon these people will be very lost and in major need of healing because everything they believed to be reality will cease to exist.
It will be a very long exhausting period of the dark night of the soul before they will be able to have a healthy high vibrational relationship with another being based on unconditional love.
It is better to be alone then have a partner who is not anchored fully in love, truth, and wisdom.
And a woman or a man who uses emotional blackmail techniques belongs to a world we do not choose to live in and therefore will consequently stop your ascension process.
There are those who have done the inner work and have dealt with their shadows.

Only a person who is whole, at peace and happy with themselves will be whole, peaceful, and happy with another person.
The moment someone is looking to achieve some relationship goal in an illusory future timeline they are vibrating on the third-dimensional frequency and aren’t ready for a conscious,
high evolved, sacred  heart to heart Higher
Love Relationship.
Love Waits,
Lust Wants.
Love can’t wait to give what is true and honorable, Lust can’t wait to take and takes more.
Love Mends.,
Lust Hurts and Break.
Love is Secure,
Lust is selfish and insecure.
Love Lasts,
Lust ends.
Creator and Author.
Mike Harrigan.
I Am.
You Are.
We Are.

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