!? How to get what you want

!? How to get what you want

!? How to get what you want

By: Heba Morgan

It’s so hard to achieve goals, but can you ever think about making goals in order to make achievements. OK. Let’s

think out of box and create a crazy idea to make sure that we’ll win in life’s journey

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.First: Don’t think, just act

After my graduation I was thinking about my career at press

,I wanted to work at Al-Ahram or El-masry El-Youm

but I couldn’t achieve this goal, I felt unfair

And start  wonder “Why??”, Why I can’t work there ?? I’ve 

 the ability to be a good writer and I graduated already from mass communication

I was a very clever, energy, and smart student, so why they refused to give me the opportunity to work as a journalist

But I finally get my answer , I decided to knock every door at press society and I started to write books, Novels, articles

And even I decided to write researches for Cambridge and Boston’s students , In the end I became a journalist, writer


فك شفرة الأخرين.. حتى لا نخسر من نحب

And translator without being hired at any Governmental or private institution

So, if you want to make your dream come true please stop over thinking, and start to turn your words into action

Do your best, no don’t do your best only, you’ve to work very hard as if your whole life depend on this goal

And remember the saying of Saint Augustine:” Pray as though everything depended on God

Work as though everything depended on you

Second: Try, Try, Try, and never give up

In life there’s no failure, the only failure is to give up while you are one step away from your dream

Believe me in the moment that you’ll feel there is no hope, that moment is the first moment in your success story

Third: Write your goal

Please, if you please, write your goals on papers, do you know what’s the first thing I did when I specialized at press

I opened the door of my closet and wrote my name with wide font, as follows >>Journalist Heba Morgan

to make myself believe that I’ll be a journalist, I wrote what I want to be even before my graduation

Now, my advice to you is:”Never underestimate yourself, and do your best, don’t give up

And don’t ever forget to write your goals and always put them in front of you

 Believe me if you take my advice, you’ll get everything you want in life

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