World War III .. the specter of war hangs over the world

World War III .. the specter of war hangs over the world

World War III .. the specter of war hangs over the world

. Written by Heba Morgan

World War III

Where is the world going?! 

When will World War III break out?! Will America start a war?!

These questions and more were and still dominate the concerns of politicians and economists in the whole world;

But before we know the answer, we must shed light on the only science that humanity has not yet developed,

It is the “science of emotional civilization.” There is no doubt that the more time progresses and humanity develops, the more people develop new sciences to keep pace with this development.

Some of them are concerned with the study of man, his environment, languages, culture, etc., and it is known as anthropology or anthropology.

Including psychology and sociology, which is concerned with the study of human behavior and thoughts towards himself and his society;

But we never touched on talking about the science of humanity, we did not care about the comparison between humanity in the past and the humanity that we have lost in modern times;

For example, in the past, wars were held to unite countries and kingdoms under one banner, but now wars are being held to drain the peoples’ wealth.

Even worse, in the past, weapons were made for wars;

But now the verse has turned and the world has mastered the invention of a reason for war so that weapons can be sold.

Reasons for the outbreak of World War III

Now what will happen, will the third world war really break out?! Unfortunately this is what will happen, perhaps the corona virus has postponed this for the time being;

But as soon as the specter of this global epidemic ceases to exist, the specter of war will hang over the world,

This is for the following reasons.

First, Trump’s presence on the political scene, in addition to his counterpart Jong Un, are able to create any conflict without any real reason;

But what is more expected is that the third world war will take place for purely economic reasons, just as it happened in the past,

Perhaps then we will say the cliché “history repeats itself”; but apart from the clichés, let us imagine what will happen in the future according to the concrete facts of the present moment,

We say: “In 2020, America declared war on China for the following reasons:

1- The economic crisis

2- Finding something to attract Americans to vote for Trump in the American elections

3- Implementing Trump’s slogan “Create America Great Again”

4- Protection of intellectual property, especially after the technological boom achieved by China, which pulled the rug out from under the feet of America.” We will, of course, make it clear that the world was in dire need of war after countries suffered from great economic damage,

We will write the national product figures for the countries of the world and compare them with the total debts and loans that countries owe,

And we will conclude in the end that the world was suffering from a deficit in the trade balance and that that period witnessed an unprecedented economic depression,

And so on until we reach the consequences of the third world war, which will be summed up in only one sentence,

It is the “exacerbation of the economic crisis”, which later resulted in the spread of famine, the displacement of many citizens, the increase in the number of refugees, and the spread of diseases and epidemics.


Veranda Library | City of Ghosts by Heba Marjane.. The Ghost of Ordos “Voice” – Part IV

How do we save ourselves from the specter of World War III ??

So, from the previous scenario, we conclude that the different mentalities of human beings and their brutality towards each other,

Besides their greed and greed for the wealth of others, it will create more and more problems. No war will fix what human beings have corrupted themselves.

No international agreements will save the world from its low economic situation. The only solution here is to restore our human qualities exactly as we restore our historical monuments.

So that we do not regret our situation after years, and here a new Afghan must appear to teach us what humanity is like,

Before the controversialists say how do we teach a person to be human, before our distorted humanity leads us to an irreversible dead end,

Before our fate eventually leads to the third world war.

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World War III.. the specter of war hangs over the world
World War III .. the specter of war hangs over the world
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