Twin Flame Spiritual Journey and Mission

Twin Flame Spiritual Journey and Mission
Twin Flame Spiritual Journey and Mission
The Mission of The Twin Soul Journey is To Harmonize & Unite in The Physical To Help Change The Vibrational Frequency Of The Planet.
This is a Journey of Twin Souls Uniting As One in Physical Life on Earth.
It is a Journey of Emanating Unconditional Love & Divine Creativity Threw The Process Of Unification & Rejuvenation.
The Purpose of Twin Souls Uniting in the Physical is to Bring a Higher Frequency of Divine Love on Earth During this Time of The Great Frequency Shift & Ascension.
In Emanating Divine Love, The Twin Soul Union is also Establishing a New Way for Humans To join in Soul Mate Sacred Union Or Sacred Sex.
This is a Pathway Beyond The Fear Based 3D Relationship Template of Conflict, Control, & Separation That Manifests in Co-Dependent Relationships. The Twin Soul Sacred Union is A Partnership in a Pure Harmonic Flow of Unconditional Love That is 5D Divine Love.
The Twin Soul Union is About The Freedom of Love & Trust. This is a Developing Understanding That Goes Beyond Conditional Expectations. It is a Pathway of Divine Surrender To a New Pure Harmony & Creativity. The Twin Flame Journey is The Universal Path Of Unconditional & Divine Love.
Twin Flame Soul Connection
Twin Flames Souls Have A Forever Eternal Soul Bond That Connects Them Beyond The Physical Realm Into The Higher Spirtual Realm. When In Unification Twin Souls Vibrate On A Much Higher Love Vibrational Frequency That Elevates Thier Spirtual & Soul Growth.
This Expands Thier Consciousness & Thier Perception Of Thier Reality.
This Leads Twin Souls On A Path Of Enlightenment & A Deaper Spirtual Awakening.
Twin Souls Help Each Other To Heal & Channel Divine Unconditional Love From The Source.
Twin Souls Connect On A Deeper Spirtual, Mental & Physical Level than Soul Mates.
This Is Because Twin Souls Are The Catalyst Of Ones Spiritual Growth & The Mirror Of Thier Soul.
A Twin Soul Is The Pefect Reflection Of Your Self Revealing All Of Your Deepest Fears & Inner Shadows. But They Will Aslo Show You Your Greatest Strengths, Needs, Desires & Dreams.
A Twin Flame Will Relate To You Who You Truly Are & This Opens A Deeper Soul Connection Within You Allowing You To Connect More To Your Higher & Inner Self.
This Expansion Opens Twin Souls Spirtual Body For More Spirtual Energy That Helps To Rejuvenate Thier Charkras & Kundalini Energy.
Twin Flames Help Each Other To Transition Into The (God-Goddess) Soul Unification.
The Sacred Union Of The Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Transcends Twin Souls From The Physical Reality & Takes Them On The Rainbow Bridge Into Ascension..