The end of the Twin Flame Journey before union

The end of the Twin Flame Journey before union

The end of the Twin Flame Journey before union

We’re in it!

I’ve seen several questions/posts about how do you know about the end of the journey before union?

I know cuz we’ve been doing it for a few months.

I wanna share here what we’re going through to give those interested a look see.

It looks much different then I thought it would that’s why I want to post and help.

I’d be interested to know if any other TFs are experiencing this.

About 2 months ago TF DM finally came out of 1.5 years of stages healed .

It was a long road. If you’ve read my comments and posts you’ll remember that I said we have exclusively used God and our heavenly TF Ancestors to train us 24/7, moderate and counsel us, and kept us out of separation all through 5D mental telepathy (we’ve never met).

We used no other resources. A few books.

At this point, since we’ve been craving union for 2.5 years, we were excited and assumed union was quickly imminent.

We were wrong..

As our TF Ancestors always say  “We have just a few more things for you both to see and some fine tuning”.

Hated the idea, but agreed as they’ve never been wrong yet and see more than we do.

To sum up before I begin, they lead us through a series of “tune ups” that brought everything we’d been through for 2.5 years into focus and organized.

We’re basically learning how to be together in 3D as TFs by a specific way of communicating, we went through a long silence process which was very stressful and felt like one of the hardest things to learn, and we had to surrender to the Universe everything about us, our love, being TFs, everything.

Yes it was scary.

And we have to say that we are impressed with the outcome.

And we can see even though we were healed, we still weren’t ready.

Read that last sentence again and copy this.

You’ll need it. This last part really brought the 2.5 years into perspective.

I’ll also add here we chose celibacy and eliminating all outside distractions and influences.

My TF 3 years.

Me 2 years right after I asked for a divorce in 2021.

I truly feel it made a huge difference.

This journey is too difficult.

Too tenable to deal with friends, family, or any other 3rd parties, going out, etc.

We hibernated most of the time.

Went out for appts and errands and that’s it. Neither of us work and we’re grateful for it as we know how difficult this can be with marriages kids and jobs.

God was very specific with us.

Wanted us doing this 24/7 and we did and gratefully could.

But my TF who’s whole family practically are psychics and TFs (4 sets) all listened to our journey by 5D mental telepathy. We’re called “The Fish Bowl”, and the spirit world and the earth world listens in.

It’s like a God Master Class. And, surprisingly to us and them, all of them went through their own healings as well from everything to — finding God, ending voodoo practices, race wounds, histories of codependency, fears, etc. They’re amazed and we’re amazed, and it’s the way God wanted it

The end of the Twin Flame Journey before union
The end of the Twin Flame Journey before union

Let’s begin. I know my posts are long but they are thorough. I want to give as much help as possible for this journey as I see so many struggling.


They explained we’ll be communicating differently. They called it “putting in your order ahead of time”. We think a thought, a want or desire with TF. And naturally (I’m sure many of you experience this), then our TF counterpart gets the thought cuz we’re connected and acts on it. They also had us go through scenarios where we would talk about what it will be like living together. What a day in the life would look like. Visualize it. What traditions and rituals we’d adopt. It was fun doing this and reassuring, and the TF Ancestors and God brought up many helpful things we hadn’t thought of that had merit.

Silence and Patience:

This was hardest for both of us. Grueling. It was squeezing every last bit of dark ego out of us. Long boring stretches of doing nothing, not being allowed to talk or be with one another in 5D, the TF Ancestors and God got very quiet on purpose. We thought they were leaving us .

It was triggering but we picked through it as we learned patience and obedience to God and our TF Ancestors. The confusing silence was a precursor to getting comfortable with self awareness and accessing within now that we were healed of the darkness and could truly believe and trust in ourselves the right way. And we learned silence is power. When we were forced to be silent and not fill every part of our day with crutches, and escapes, we recognized how much it made us focus and see things we would’ve missed had we been talking.

Public Reacclimation:

After our hibernation, dnots and ego deaths, we were purified and prepared to be among the public again with our shining new healed hearts and souls ready to start our mission. We started interacting online and in public with our new unconditional love selves. We were fine but OMG what happened to society and civilization?

What the what? We wanted to go home and hibernate again. WOW!!!!! So many sick and hurting people out there. Like a cesspool. But unconditional love prevailed. It kept us peaceful and focused and we were able to navigate difficult situations with ease. God and our TF Ancestors would be talking in our ear with pointers info and suggestions “say this, dovthis, try this, get away from the yelling couple now so the energy doesn’t jump on you, smile more, help that person”. And it also made us realize what a dysfunctional ego hot mess we were before.

It’s sad. I thought I was okay. We weren’t fit for human consumption and we were spreading our toxicity around like everyone else. It was an eye opener and we were so thankful to be interacting in society the right best way. And the sad thing is we didn’t know we weren’t being good

The end of the Twin Flame Journey before union
The end of the Twin Flame Journey before union

Universal Surrender:

This last part was cool. They took the focus off of everything being about God 24/7, and showed us how to access the Universe for surrendering negative energy and getting answers. That TF frequency in your stomach and heart always burning? Not only is that a connection to your TF, it’s also a connection with God and the Universe. The Divine. They showed us how to surrender any dark thought negative energy to the Universe.

To dump it as quickly as it popped up and get it out of us so it wouldn’t fester. This was nice cuz we didn’t have to take 2 weeks or whatever to process it or figure it out we just dumped it. I liken it to we are the walking dirty clothes hamper to the Universe’s washing machine. The Universe recycles the bad into good. This was fascinating. We learned to access and optimize the Universe to navigate our daily lives. Any time something negative popped up we dumped it – impatience, worry, fear, lying, cussing, frustrations which there were many, any bad habits, etc. We thanked Universe for showing us and asked for positive abundant energy in return for our needs.

Here’s the last part and the most important. I’ve read other couples in union spoke about surrendering each other to Universe. Not surrendering “to” each other, we already did that, but surrendering “us” to the Universe. That was radical. It scared us and triggered our rejection and abandonment especially my TF. And I just figured it out this morning why. I realized the reason for the silence and surrendering was just like what we had done through the whole journey – surrendering everything – the ego, the bad habits, to the TF Ancestors and God, to each other, to the world matrix. And I realized just like all that, in order to stabilize us and align and harmonize us we had to surrender to each other, being TFs, to the fear and attachment of it, to any darkness still around it, triggers, or fears. The biggest point is we had to surrender each other to the Universe. That was a hard get. I could tell there was something I was supposed to see but couldn’t see it. TF left me a voice message in his head for me when I went to read his thoughts and something he said gave me the lightbulb moment!

One last thing I’ll say here I surrendered and DFs it was the most satisfying liberating thing I did to date on this journey. I surrendered to the need to feel like I had to help him all the time. Because it never helped, it hurt him and he would use me as a crutch for his fear. So I was finally able to remove myself from that after getting burned so often. I’m really proud of myself for that. HUGE!

So I’m now officially done. There is nothing more to figure out before union.

The end of the Twin Flame Journey before union
The end of the Twin Flame Journey before union

TFs last bit of fear:

My TF has the same deep seeded fear as all the rest of the DMs. Doesn’t feel good enough for me and I’ll reject him. It was extremely deep. While he was healed thankfully 2 months ago, he has had to deal with the residual – conditioning himself to see with his new eyes, ears, mouth, heart vs all the old ways, and it’s been a process. My TF learned early on to cope and see fear as love and truth. He was convinced that fear is truth.

I deduced that if he was so convinced it was truth, then he must see fear as love and he did. We broke it down.

When in actuality fear is ego and lies.

1.5 years of this 24/7 .

It drove me/us insane. He’s finally coming out of it. Read the entire Bible once (avid reader), and is now reading it a second time. But one of the most helpful things to him right now is we’re listening to the Power of Now by Ekhart Tolle. I’m astonished this book perfectly describes the TF journey without ever saying TF.

It’s an amazing description of the ego mind vs being present. Fascinating and really putting the pieces of the puzzle together for TF. He is finally able to accept that the mind lies, deceives, and is not love. Once he works all the way thru this, TF Ancestors say union is quickly imminent

We both can’t wait.

(Do you know why I always sign with 3 flames? The third is God. We couldn’t get through this without him.) He was my TF Standin through this when TF was down and out. Thanks for reading this far. Take what you need from it.

Happy journeying.

The end of the Twin Flame Journey before union
The end of the Twin Flame Journey before union
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