I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I Love You

I am sorry, Please forgive me,  Thank you, I Love You

When your Truth is Sourced from within-External Forces are Powerless to change it.
I am sorry, Please forgive me,
Thank you, I Love You .
This is something I feel passionate about, and feel compelled to share with you from my heart.
I have been following and studying this stuff for a long time. I speak from the heart of the father.
I speak to you my family. I serve the children, including the child inside each and every
one of us.
Peace on earth for the children.
I am sure we can agree on that.
Leave it there. We are one.
I believe the light has already won
and the clean-up is underway.

The new world is coming, but it seems to me it
may get much darker before the dawn.
My invitation to you my beloved family is this.
Be close to your heart tribe.
Turn off main stream media totally. It is your greatest threat.
Get out in Nature, as much as you can.
Ground yourself in the earth, breath in the
fresh prana .
Death is the one thing none of us can get out of, and also it is by no means final.
We are eternal and infinite.
Do not fear as fear is the greatest harm to
your immune system.

Drop into deep faith in the perfection of the universe and the perfection of your immune system.
Time for a deep mind and body cleanse.
Keep your spiritual practices strong, get good sleep in a dark room, and strengthen your immune system.

Stay strong, stay in your heart and pray for all life. Bless everyone you meet with your heart.
Offer everyone your kindness.
Offer everyone your light.
Do good deeds every day to help others feels safe and reminded what is feels like to be in the presence of love.

I am not a religious person per say, but I must say Revelations is right on track. We are near the time of the great cleansing .Be clear what you are serving.
Are you in the old world self-serving paradigm, or are you moving into the new world of serving the highest good of all, and most of all serving life itself.

In the end you will face the truth and feel all that you have created. Love or Fear.
And from deep in your heart, regret for being intrigued to the harm against humanity, the earth, the animals and life itself..
Step back from it all, be calm, be in peace.
Humble yourself, and put your forehead on mother earth and ask her for her forgiveness.

For looking the other way, for doing nothing, for participating in great suffering.
Don’t worry, she always forgives.
Then rise into your light.
Get up with new strength and serve the living life with all your heart and soul.

You are bigger than you could ever imagine.
You are an eternal being, made in the light of love and because of that you are ruler and free.
You belong here in this human tribe to rise into your fullness and reclaim your gifts to share with all.
Your spot is waiting for you in the sacred circle.

When your truth is sourced from within,
External forces are powerless to change it.

I see you,
I love you.
blessed be.

May We RiSe
As One
In The Light Of Love.

Creator and Author
Mike Harrigan.
I Am.
You Are.
We Are.
Global Consciousness..

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I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I Love You
I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I Love You
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