Twin Flame Sacred Union | Hieros Gamos

Twin Flame Sacred Union | Hieros Gamos
Twin Flame Sacred Union | Hieros Gamos
The Union of the Twin Flames is The Ultimate Alchemical Marriage. Cosmic law requires that we must first define our own unique identity in the whole of God/Goddess before we can completely unlock the spiritual and energetic potential of our TwinFlames.
We are always connected to our TwinFlames.
Twin Flames must achieve a certain level of spiritual mastery and understanding of oneness within their own personal and individual selves before reuniting together.
Each one of us must learn to change these negative patterns and fear within our selves–the base metal–of the human ego so they can be transformed into the gold of our Real and Divine-Self.
This is the Alchemical Marriage.
It is the marriage of the soul and spirit and both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects of our true being–the real and enduring spiritual self.
The love of the beloved Christ Self is the true heart and the part of us which maintains constant contact with the Heart of God-Goddess & The Infinite Source.
This authentic self is referred to as the I AM Presence.
It is an Infinite & Unconditional Love.
This is the sefless journey of the heart and love of the many Gods & Goddesses which are portrayed in many eastern and western religions like Osiris and Isis, Zeus and Hera, Christos and Sophia, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Shiva and Shakti, Chakrasamvara and Vajrayogini.
Hieros Gamos, is the sacred marriage which is the outcome of the sacred sexual union and marriage between God and Goddess. In Ancient times within the ritual Sacred Marriage, the High Priestess of the Temple became the earthly embodiment of the Goddess herself, joining with the King.
This represented the joining of the elements of soul and spirit to create a Holy Sacred Union. Here, sexuality was experienced as a pathway to the Divine.
Majority of Twin Flames incarnated on Earth are not ordinary Human souls. They started life as Angels and originated from the Higher Dimensions known as (Heaven).
Some of them have often experienced their first incarnation onto earth as Deities. They are Highly Evolved Souls and have a Higher State of Consciousness.
Twin Flame Sacred Union | Hieros Gamos
Twin Flame Sacred Union | Hieros Gamos
They have chosen to be reincarnated into earth at this time for a Higher Purpose, in Divine Mission and Sacred Service to God & Goddess & The (Source) & the Liberation of Humanity.
To carry within themselves the Divine Light and Unconditional Love through the Sacred Sexual Union of The Aeonic Pair, The Universal Cosmic matrix will be rewoven.
A New Crystal Light Grid on Earth will shift Humanity into 5D living in The New Atlantis and assist Ascension of Christ & Unity Consciousness and the Evolution of the Human Race. The Hieros Gamos, is overseen by the Spiritual Realm and the Divine. In the Spiritual planes they appear to one another wearing netted garments of Divine Light.
This Sacred Union is Blessed by the Divine, as the pair are wrapped in Divine Light, which spirals in a Rainbow Rays of Light in the Heavenly Dimensions. The light explodes and showers the Higher realms, the Angels and Ascended Masters witness the Sacred Wedding.
They are married in the eyes of God and Goddess, let no man or darkness seperate that which God and Goddess has joined and blessed.
If one continues their personal inner spiritual work and continues to accelerate their consciousness daily through communion with The Source, one will gradually transcend the limitations of the human ego.
Eventually the soul will merge with the True Spiritual Higher Self (Solar-Angel ) and Ascend back to the pure heart of (God-Goddess).
The corrupt must be made inccorupt and the mortal must be made immortal.
The very quest to seek a “Twin Flame” is as attractive and elusive as the quest for the Holy Grail.
Everyone wants a Twin Flame but only few are actually Spiritually, Physically and Emotionally Harmonized and Have Balanced and Healed their Masculine & Feminine energies within for the Twin Soul Union to take place.
In the ancient scriptures, we are told this is the process of Sacred Union where two lovers on earth merge into One, in addition to the full reunion of God the Father with God the Mother.
We are also told that when Father experiences the fullness of his reunion with the Mother, there is an almighty blessing that is bestowed upon the two human beings in Sacred Union.
This explosion of orgasmic Light and Love from their Creator brings forth the fullness of their Soul Union Potential and Soul Destiny.
The marriage of man and woman is meant to be mystical & magical, a commemoration & consummation of the soul’s reunion with the beloved I AM Presence through the Christ, the blessed Mediator.
The cosmic interchange of Divine Love in the marriage relationship is meant to be the same creative love that framed the Universe in the beginning when God as Father gave forth the command, “Let there be light,” and God as Mother answered, “And there was light.
” This creative flow can be expressed not only in physical union but also during cycles of dedicated celibacy as each partner goes within to commune with his beloved I AM Presence and Twin Flame.
The exchange of the energies of the sacred fire in sexual union is for the transfer of spheres of cosmic consciousness—causal bodies of light.
The light energy resulting from this fusion enhances the positive qualities of each of the partners and strengthens their own Divine identity.
As the union is consecrated to the Love of Goddess, and the Light of God.
Harmonious blending of pure Father/Mother energies yields the Son, the Christ consciousness in the form of a child.
If we are made in God’s image, then it stands to reason that God is both male and female.
In that case, God is two sides of the same coin. Take that a step further as God & Goddess were the first Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine polarities or Twin Flames in the Universe.
Sacred Union is the spiritual alchemical process that reunites Twin Souls in the coalescence of God & Goddess.
This beautiful journey is a Divine Quest, inviting you to step into and honor birthing Divine Conscious Partnership by making a pilgrimage of Love to the sacred temple of the Bridal Chamber to embody both the feminine and masculine higher qualities of grace, nobility, courage, compassion, strength, understanding, love and light.
As you travel into the Ascended Heavenly Temple of the Realm of the Holy Bride & Bridegroom, you will look into the eyes of your Beloved Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine ‘selfs’ to experience Divine Inner Union between Yourself and your Beloved.
Twin Flame Sacred Union | Hieros Gamos
Twin Flame Sacred Union | Hieros Gamos
Get ready for your Royal Wedding.
This will be a Magical Cosmic Marriage of Souls in a ceremony with a wedding officiant as the complimentary opposites unite in an Infinite Love making Union, as it is in Heaven, so it is on Earth.
Hieros Gamos is the Sacred Marriage of the (Hero and Goddess).
The Uniting of such Twin Flames is very powerful because of the multiple levels of connections between the two.
It results in a telepathic and eminent feeling of energies of each other, that are felt even when apart. It becomes the “magnum opus” The Union of Sol & Luna (conjunction).
The alchemists had the notion of unus mundus – a unifying cosmic ground in which both matter and psyche participate. This is the union between the (masculine-energetic) and (feminine-magnetic) impulses/energies, which together form the Alchemical Marriage.
The (solve et coagula) is the central process of alchemy and represents dissolution and coagulation–you dissolve (solve) and then coagulate (coagula).
The basic alchemical slogan ‘solve et coagula’, is the process of dissolving (moon) in order to coagulate (sun) is essential, each time in refining the process more and more until it is pure spirit and soul.
In order to evolve spiritually, we need to free our self’s from deep social, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual programming and the physical and material attachments.
The male and female must go through trials by fire and water together, and are transformed into Divine Light & Unconditional Love.
The Alchemical Wedding results in a transformation of the couple.
The Sacred Marriage, which is the union of the Divine Spirit with the Divine Soul and finally with the Divine Body, this is the Trinity.
An Alchemical Marriage is a union between two energies which come together to create a Third energy that was not present before the union. This is the Alchemical Marriage of the Lunar & Solar Consciousness.
This union creates something Bigger and more Powerful than the individual parts – the Perfect Integration of Male and Female energies to form The Perfect Aeon.
The Sacred Alchemical Marriage on the personal level is the Marriage of The Sun&Moon-Gold&Silver within, the union of your own spirit with soul to produce a new empowered presence.
The Moon and Sun, the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, are Symbolically and Celestially One in a Magnificent Consummation of their Celestial Alchemical Marriage.
The Spiritual Alchemists saw this as a passionate coming together of the Elements Fire and Water, an act of inner love that united all the opposing forces within a person. If there is enough understanding from both parties and they successfully unite in this lifetime it becomes a Higher Mission that they will Accomplish Together As One.
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Twin Flame Sacred Union Hieros Gamos
Twin Flame Sacred Union Hieros Gamos

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