The Reunions between twin flames

The Reunions between twin flames

The Reunions between twin flames
( powerful purge of negative energies from the Collective Male Karmic fields)
Reunions between twin flame first take place on a subtle plane before being realized totally in matter.
One of the two Twin flame, called the chaser, is the most advanced being of the two souls on the path to enlightenment.
They are the one who will be the first to realize the special bond uniting them.

They will receive – even before finding their twin flame – signs, strange manifestations which will increase just before their meeting.
These signs can be expressed in different ways:
through particular dreams, feeling of being surrounded by a pure energy of #love,
of no longer feeling alone…
the area of ​​the heart chakra can go so far as to be strongly activated and generate sort of chills on the whole body .

Just as this being already on the path of awakening will feel a greater opening of chaser consciousness and his / her vibratory fields.
it is about recognizing and reconnecting with Divine Love.

It is thanks to the triggering of this process of reconnection to the divine in oneself that chaser own vibrational frequencies will increase and allow them to energetically call – on a subtle level for runner twin .

The latter called the Runner will in turn begin to feel things that they will not understand.
Unlike chaser twin, however, runner will feel like a feeling of isolation but accompanied,
at the same time, by a wish for love, for union deeper than what runner had already formulated before.
Even if it is not yet very clear for runner. .

Unlike Soul Mates who have been able to find each other over several Lives and recognize each other easily,
most Twin flame have not materially crossed paths since their Original Separation .

Recognition of the Other will therefore not happen so quickly.

Hence the fact that a set of signs will manifest more and more in Them and around Them to help them understand that something special is happening.

However,There may be twin flame who have already found each other in several past lives when They have been separated by an external EVENT and therefore have not managed to merge into matter.
A case that will be experienced even more difficultly & painfully for these souls because they will not only have to go back:to the memory of their Original Union and separation but also go back to their separation in matter a few years or hundreds of years ago.

If you are in the presence of your twin flame soul..
The “strange” #signs perceived by One and by the Other are necessary to allow the Twin flame Souls to understand that They are living, indeed, something particular ,
in order to seek the Reasons for it and to gradually go back to : the Source and memory of their Oneness.

This journey for many of them will not be a long calm river. Because as they reconnect, troubles and difficulties can very quickly appear.
Because it must be understood that two twin flame cannot reach the Union, the fusion of their souls as long as They have not reached a certain level of cleansing of their bodies and past wounds.
..As root chakra deals with our foundation of existence and how we see the world,
it greatly impacts our relationships.
Therefore, Twin Flames must ground this root chakra foundation first in order to heal trust issues, and open the upper chakras necessary for a full-pledged Twin Flame Connection.

In the presence of your twin flame other signs will appear and manifest through the body.
Synonymous with this phase of Awakening.

Be careful, you must not be ALONE to receive its manifestations.
Also be aware of what the other is feeling.
cramps, involuntary contractures, breathing difficulties, hypersensitivity, electricity running through the body, unjustified palpitations, nocturnal heat, hypersensitivity to sounds (storm, music “emotionally” more felt…)
etc… and psychological symptoms such as modification of eating habits, need of a healthier diet pushing for vegetarianism, difficult sleep, waking dreams, waves of love and above all sudden bursts of tears and yet without real sorrow etc…

All these symptoms correspond to an elevation of consciousness and of the Over self.
They are the signs of a possible real presence of Twin and mark the beginning of the access to the 5th #dimension.

Despite the symptoms that may arise …

Awakening is by no means just a succession of painful symptoms or psychological derailments.
The emotional imbalances and the heavy tensions that can follow – between two twin flames –
are due to these unusual Reunions and which are bringing up, among other things:
past wounds in order to heal them.
and, the pains held by their deep Souls..

One of the other witnesses/signs of the reunion to come or in progress could also be a more Intense contact with Nature…

Have you suddenly felt the need or your twin flame soul to be outside more often,
in contact with Nature?
..Before, when you were walking, you certainly got a certain pleasure from it,
but now things are different, more intense.
You will truly rejuvenate yourself, you will begin to become even more strongly aware of the alchemical power of Nature and you can feel your vibrational levels increase upon contact with it.
More and more special events can also occur when you come into contact with Nature or even animals.
Your consciousness awakens differently and you begin to perceive in more detail the various things around you.
It is about a true harmonization with the Universe which surrounds you and which thus comes “naturally” to you.

You are energy and by reconnecting to your twin flame you become all the more aware of it.
Your vibrational levels (in contact with it and/or even at a distance ) will increase .
  Twin Flame Flames are pushed to release 3D stereotypes and preconceptions,
because they become powerful blocks to Union…

If we can’t see our Twin for who they are as an individual and as a soul, we cannot truly open to each other.
We’re being asked by the universe to be brave and move forward into a new era by releasing these old limiting ideas.
And if your Twin Flame has seemed to express all the worst of the masculine shadow traits,
know it’s not just an accident…
they are not a bad soul or destined to hurt you for life…
They may actually be sensitive to energy,
and is reacting to the powerful purge of negative energies from the Collective Male Karmic fields .
You can help your Twin step into a higher state by shielding them from the negative programming and outside societal energy,
interacting with your twin Higher Self to activate unity consciousness in their system,
and work with their Higher Self to shift energy system into a higher state.

Signs of your spiritual connection to the universe

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The Reunions between twin flames
The Reunions between twin flames
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