? how twin flame works

? how twin flame works
how twin flame works 
Twin Flames
Here I am again.
Searching for answers.
I don’t know how to say it.
But we met each other for almost 3 months.
I never expected how twin flame works
not until synchronicity and connection are there.
He keeps me sending a heart and a prayer emoji.
For the first month of knowing each other, I doubted what could be his intention towards me.
We are both spiritual and we are in our higher consciousness
and awareness that the universe has given us a message.
Every time he sends me those heart and prayer emojis along with it is the “I miss you” message.
I will directly be asked why.
And his answer was “love and connection” from this moment I kinda feel that he is into me but there’s this instinct in me that pushes things would not work out.
I ask him again, I said “you are still studying dark and light right?
Then he said yes, for the integration of light and dark.


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how twin flame works
how twin flame works

The yin and the yang.

I let him do his work.
I let things be it without forces. But things change when both of us do the shadowing work.
Maybe the egos trying to separate us. I don’t know.
I am confused right now and my heart is too heavy.
I no longer receive his I miss you a message. It’s painful. It hurting me right now. Maybe we just met to help each other grow but not meant for each other to be in a divine relationship.
I am attached and confused.
Still hoping for the betterment. Can anyone help me understand why, and how it happens? What to do next?

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